The University College of Osteopathy’s purpose and mission is to:

“Continually provide the highest quality education and research for all and the very best care, for each patient, on every occasion".


“By 2027, the University College of Osteopathy will be an internationally recognised university for both education and research in osteopathy and associated health care subjects; a vibrant community of staff and students keen to explore and exploit new ideas and challenge existing views, whose work will positively influence the quality of health care and shape future clinical practice locally, nationally and internationally.”


The values and conduct to which we aspire, and that we wish to foster and sustain are as follows:

  • Students and patients will always come first
  • A culture of critical enquiry, scholarship and research
  • A respect for the heritage and values of osteopathy
  • A respect for creativity and innovation
  • A respect for equal opportunities
  • A celebration of diversity
  • A culture of openness and honesty
  • A culture of collaboration and teamwork
  • A desire for environmental sustainability

Strategic Priorities

  1. Be the institution of choice.
  2. Sustain our financial strength and use it purposefully.
  3. Provide our students with a distinctive, high quality experience.


Download the UCO's Strategic Plan for 2018-23