Formerly the British School of Osteopathy, the University College of Osteopathy has come a long way in its first 100 years, and has played a significant role in championing osteopathy and furthering the profession both in the UK and internationally.

We’re the largest osteopathic educational institution in the UK, and our evidence-informed approach, high-quality teaching and excellent clinical opportunities attracts students from around the world and produces graduates who go on to leading roles within the profession.

Our team of staff are experienced and passionate about what they do, and students often comment on their dedication to helping their students succeed. In fact, many of our staff, are former students who, having developed careers in professional practice, now want to play their own role in training the future osteopaths of tomorrow.

We support an evidence-informed approach to our teaching, learning and patient care, and have an active research department who are regularly published in journals and invited to speak at conferences around the world.

Our clinic, based in nearby Southwark Bridge Road, delivers around 35,000 appointments per year, and, in the spirit of our belief that osteopathic healthcare should be accessible to all, much of it is delivered free of charge.

We’ve achieved some significant milestones in recent years, most notably Taught Degree Awarding Powers. As part of this process our academic standards and management processes underwent an intense period of scrutiny, and we are exceptionally proud to now be the only osteopathic institution in Europe granted the power to award our own degrees, and with University College title.

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