Much of the UCO’s important recent work could not have been achieved without the support of the 500 Club: a group of osteopaths who contribute towards the future of osteopathic teaching and resources through a regular monthly donation to the UCO.

Our sincere and grateful thanks go to our generous 500 Club supporters:

We want to grow this number so we continue to support our students and the UCO clinic.

Please contact Fundraising on: 020 7089 5336 or email: for more information.

Our current generous 500 Club supporters:

Tim Allardyce - and
Stella Archer -
Kerry Dowson -
Maxine Hamilton Stubber -
Tim Oxbrow -
Paul Stamp and Helen Froggatt -
Tendy Togelang -
Mark Wilcox -
Carol Reid
Catherine Walters -
Dr Stephen Sandler -
Charles Hunt