Alan and Sheila Diamond Charitable Trust Donation

The Alan and Sheila Diamond Charitable Trust has generously bestowed a donation of £250,000 on the University College...

Top tips: Accommodation

If you don’t already live in London finding somewhere to live and people to live with can be a daunting prospect.

Top tips: Managing your student finances

There is no doubt that studying can be expensive time, and that student loan or nest egg can soon disappear if you don’...

Prosection at the UCO

One of the questions we often get asked is whether our M.Ost course includes dissection.

10 reasons to choose osteopathy

A career in healthcare can be incredibly rewarding.

Medicine and osteopathy

There is no doubt that medical professionals are among the most valuable and highly-regarded in society, and that a car

UCO outperforms sector average on gender pay gap

An internal review has revealed a gender pay gap of 6.06%1 between male and female staff at the UCO, considerably lower...

Nursing and Osteopathy

Nursing is a much-respected profession in the UK, nurses have a valuable role in delivering front-line care for...

UCO and AIMO sign historic agreement

Links with the Accademia Italiana Medicina Osteopatica (AIMO) have been deepened with the signing of a historic...

Olwen Starr Awards 2018

This year's Olwen Starr Awards for Excellence have been announced!

Osteopathy for the Homeless at the Manna Centre

The Manna Centre is a drop-in centre for the homeless, but I often have to explain to students that whatever they...