The new Continuing Professional Development scheme for osteopaths

What is it and how can the University College of Osteopathy support and help you to comply?

UCO in collaboration with Imperial College on Back Pain Research

UCO's Dr Kevin Brownhill tells us a little about his latest research project into back pain, run in collaboration with...

UCO Staff and Students Honoured at The Institute of Osteopathy Awards

Several members of the University College of Osteopathy family were recognised at the 2018

Improvements to UCO student areas

Over the summer the UCO has been busy updating several of our student areas to enhance the student experience.

Top Tips: Eating in London

In the latest in our Top Tips series, our students recommend their favourite places to eat out (and their top tips for

Top Tips: Getting to know London

Whether you have grown up in London or are living here for the first time, there is plenty to discover and do in the ca

A day in the life of an osteopath: Chris Wilkes

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of an osteopath is really like?

Alan and Sheila Diamond Charitable Trust Donation

The Alan and Sheila Diamond Charitable Trust has generously bestowed a donation of £250,000 on the University College...

Top tips: Accommodation

If you don’t already live in London finding somewhere to live and people to live with can be a daunting prospect.

Top tips: Managing your student finances

There is no doubt that studying can be expensive time, and that student loan or nest egg can soon disappear if you don’...

Prosection at the UCO

One of the questions we often get asked is whether our M.Ost course includes dissection.