What is UCAS Extra? 

UCAS Extra is a free service that allows you to apply for another higher education course if you’ve used up your initial five choices, as long as you aren't holding any offers or awaiting any decisions on the applications you have already made. It's essentially another opportunity to secure yourself an offer of a place for entry this year.

When does UCAS Extra open?

This year UCAS Extra opens on 28 February 2024 and closes on 4 July 2024. After 4 July you can still make a late application but it will be through Clearing which follows a slighty different process.

How does UCAS Extra work?

Applying through Extra gives you the opportunity to make an additional application to a course and university of your choice if you've either been unsuccessful in securing a place or have decided to reject the offers you do have. It allows you to apply to a further choice without waiting until Clearing.

To make an application via Extra log in to UCAS Hub and head to the Choices section. If you are eligible to apply through Extra you should be able to see a button to ‘Add an Extra choice’. Follow this link and enter the details of your chosen course, then your application will be sent off. Be mindful that you can only apply for one course at a time, though if you wish to withdraw your choice or are unsuccessful you’re able to choose another.

If the 'Add an Extra choice' option isn't available this means you aren't currently eligible to apply via Extra. This may be because you have accepted an offer, have offers pending a decision or haven't used up all your original five choices. See below.

Who can use Extra?

You can only use UCAS Extra if you have already used up your five regular UCAS choices and are not holding any offers because you have withdrawn from them, declined them or have not received an offer.

If you didn’t use all of your choices in your original application and you haven’t already accepted any offers then you don't need to use UCAS Extra - you can simply sign in to your application and add another choice as long as you do so by 30 June. However, be aware that if you only applied to one choice initially and want to add more then you’ll be expected to pay the extra £6 application fee.

If you don’t hold any offers after 5 July, you will also be able to add an additional choice through Clearing.

If you have yet to apply for any courses via UCAS you can make a standard application of up to five choices. See How to Apply for more information. Bear in mind that some of your choices may already be oversubscribed so it is best to speak directly to the universities to find out if they are still welcoming applications first.

Do I need to apply via Extra for the part-time M.Ost?

No. Applications for our part-time course, our Access course an our postgraduate certificates are made directly to the UCO and not via UCAS. Contact our Admissions team for help with the application process. 

What happens after I've sent off my Extra application?

Once you’ve sent off your application it will come to the UCO for us to review.  The UCO then has 21 days to make a decision and get back to you.

If you receive an offer from us you can firmly accept or decline it. You have until 20 July to do this, after which time the offer will be automatically withdrawn and you will be entered into Clearing.

What happens when I accept an offer through Extra?

If you accept an offer through Extra then you will hold a place with the UCO dependent on meeting any conditions of your offer.

Still have questions or ready to apply? Contact us on 020 7089 5316 or admissions@uco.ac.uk.