Our courses are designed so that participants can incorporate what they have learned directly into their daily practice. We use research evidence, peer-to-peer sharing, and practical experience to uphold standards and support the refreshment and extension of core skills.

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Our vision is to provide a programme of CPD courses that are:

  • high-quality, topical, evidence-based and provided by experts from a range of professional backgrounds,
  • open to professionals in and outside the UK using a variety of formats including face-to-face and multimedia,
  • in line with the regulatory expectations for continuing professional development,
  • informed by contemporary teaching approaches and include practical and experiential learning,
  • informed by the feedback we receive from our participants.

CPD how you choose to learn

Since the COVID-19 pandemic the UCO CPD team have found increasing demand for online courses. Our programme reflects this with many of our courses now offered as live online courses with the added benefit of recordings available after the weekend for those who are unable to attend the whole session live.

We are developing a series of on-demand, pre-recorded e-learning courses with lessons broken down into shorter sessions, perfect for fitting CPD in around busy lives.

Of course, there will always be a need for practical classes in person so you will still find these on our timetable.

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Help us shape our programme

It is important to us that our CPD courses remain relevant and introduce new thinking and developments. We always welcome your feedback and suggestions and are also very happy to discuss tailored provision to meet the needs of groups of delegates.

If you would like to discuss some ideas with us please email cpd@uco.ac.uk.