The UCO’s Academic Council is the ultimate academic authority of the UCO (subject to the Board of Directors) and is responsible for promoting, regulating and directing the academic work of the UCO, including teaching and research. It oversees the UCO’s academic management and all aspects of quality and standards associated with the UCO.

The Academic Council is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor. Its membership is representative of the whole UCO, and includes elected student representatives and elected staff representatives.

Two members of the Academic Council are external; they are not employed by the UCO and their membership provides an external higher education perspective that is valuable for a small specialist institution.

One member of the Academic Council is a Board representative ensuring that the Board maintains oversight of the UCO’s academic decision-making.

The Academic Council is the forum in which the strategic academic development of the UCO is debated, critically reviewed and proposed to the Board for approval.

Minutes of past Academic Council meetings can be found below: 

Academic Council-19-04-02 Agreed Minutes 04.12.19 FINAL.pdf

Academic Council-19-02-02 Agreed Minutes 04.09.19 FINAL.pdf

Academic Council-19-01-02 Agreed Minutes 03.07.19 FINAL.pdf

Academic Council-18-04-02 Agreed Minutes 27.03.19 FINAL.pdf