Professional Profile: Austin Plunkett

In the second of our in-depth interviews with UC

Professional Profile: Olwen Grindley

In the first of a new series of in-depth interviews with UCO alumni and other figureheads within the profession we chat...

Association for Nutrition accreditation

We are very pleased to announce that the UCO's innovative new undergraduate degree in nutrition has been awarded AfN Pr

Why is colour important in food?

We've all heard the phrase 'you eat with your eyes' and know that food that looks appetising generally tastes better...

Attention UCO Shareholders

This notice is for shareholders, not heard from at the UCO since 2018. 

Top tips for sustainable healthy eating

If your New Year's Resolution is to eat better, Susie Jennings from the UCO's nutrition team shares some tips for...

Get your running shoes on

New to running? UCO Clinic Coordinator Jeremy Jones-Bateman tells us what prompted him to pick up his running shoes and...


The UCO is kicking off 2022 with a four-week programme of events for students, staff, patients and the wider community...

Student Profile - Freddie Wee and UltraX

Freddie Wee is originally from Singapore and is a final year student studying the Masters in Osteopathy course, full-...

A message from Gold Medal Winner Albert Obeng

Albert Obeng graduated from the UCO in 2020 with a Master of Osteopathy Degree. He is also the first black recipient of...

Celebrating Graduation 2021

On Thursday 11 November the UCO welcomed back graduates from 2020 and 2021 for a double Graduation ceremony at Central

My career: Susie Jennings

A career in nutrition offers lots of different opportunities.