Yinka Fabusuyi awarded iO President’s Medal

Senior Practice Educator and UCO alumna Yinka Fabusuyi has been awarded with the Institute of Osteopathy’s President’s...

The Alan and Sheila Diamond Charitable Trust fund post-doctoral position

The Alan and Sheila Diamond Charitable Trust have kindly sponsored a one-year post-doctoral post for former UCO student...

Coin Street Community Health Networking Event

UCO Community Healthcare Networking Event in Collaboration with Healthwatch Southwark  

Professional Profile: Satpal Bansal

Satpal Bansal is one of our Senior Practice Educators (SPE’s) at the UCO.

LGBTQ+ Community Group - Pride Month

Happy Pride Month! It's a time of celebration and there is much to celebrate!

Alternative sources of protein

As a society we know we need to eat less meat, but our bodies also need protein.

What is fibre?

Fibre is the term for non-digestible carbohydrates found in the diet. There are lots of different substances classed as...


Why do we need water?

Reducing food waste

People are more conscious than ever about food waste. It’s a waste of money in a time when a lot of us and worse off...

Why eat 5 a day?

The World Health Organisation recommends that everyone eats at least 400g (five 80g portions) of fruit and vegetables a...

UCO Festival of Health & Wellbeing

The University College of Osteopathy is pleased to announce its Festival of Health and Wellbeing, running from Monday...