Zara Davis on Speed Windsurfing, Osteopathy, and Overcoming Mental and Physical Barriers

Zara Ford Osteopath When it comes to windsurfing and speed, Zara Davis is one of the biggest names. Zara's accomplishments have include being the only windsurfer to hold simultaneously the records for the 500m distance and the outright nautical mile (this was recently matched by Antoine Albeau).

Zara is also a qualified practising osteopath working in Portishead and a graduate of the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) (now University College of Osteopathy, UCO) In her practice Zara specialises in sports osteopathy.

Recently, Zara was invited to take part in the Living Philosophy podcast and be interviewed by host, Dr Todd Mei. The interview considers Zara's competitive career in windsurfing, her approach to mental and physical barriers and how her experiences have been carried over into her osteopathic practice. 

Zara also taught at the BSO for 17 years and sat on its board for 6. She remains an active member of the UCO Alumni Community and members can catch up with her there. 

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