Student Diary: James Small

In this new series we'll be taking a look at a day in the life of different students at the UCO. Today we sneak a peek at the diary of James Small, Student Union President and a second year student on our full-time M.Ost course...  

Thursday 22 June


I travelled into Uni with my friend Josh; we walked in through the park and enjoyed the early morning sunshine. We always walk in together on a Thursday and both of us really look forward to our class on Thursday morning. We chatted about our summer plans, everyone is excited this week because it is the last week of term and exams are finally coming to an end!


First class of the day. Today was really interesting - we learnt about how to do a thoracic spine high velocity thrust. The tutor is one of my favourites because she talks to you like a friend but teaches you like a professional.

12.30pm (Lunch):

I caught up with Phil and Joss (the SU Entertainment Officers) before heading to the SU, this week we are planning a party and lots to do! We're having a BBQ in the courtyard for all full and part time students to celebrate the end of term and we've got a DJ for later on in the evening. We need to clear a space for dancing and decorate the room. The theme is 60's so we've got Elvis cut outs, Beatles photos, psychedelic wall hangings, Lennon glasses and Warhol art.

1:30pm (Clinic):  

I treated a really interesting patient today.  It was an elderly female who had rheumatoid arthritis in her knee. I liked her and was impressed with how positive and motivated she was, despite being in pain. I helped her by doing some gentle soft tissue work to her quadriceps and hamstrings. Afterwards she said she felt a little better already, it's always so satisfying to see instant results and I look forward to treating her again next week and finding out how she's been getting on.


I had some drinks in the SU after clinic and played pool with some of my clinic team. To chill out after the long day. I'm having an early night tonight, we've got the 60's party on Friday and the Summer Ball on Saturday!

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