MHAW2021: Jo

As an extension of Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 the UCO is shining a spotlight on the importance of good mental health throughout the month of May. As part of this we're inviting our staff, students and others in the UCO community to share the ways they support and manage their own mental health.

Today Finance Director Jo expains the benefits of a good run:

"About three years ago, I started the Couch to 5K programme. I have never been a runner before but felt I needed to do something to boost my fitness and health. I now run three times a week, rain or shine, around my local park in Hackney.

During lockdown it has been a saviour - getting me away from my spreadsheets, pivot tables and Teams (or Zoom!) meetings, clearing my head with some fresh air. I run with a friend and we chat about our daily lives, families and the people in the park, then have coffee and a croissant at the local cafe. This social outlet is an invaluable support for me.

The other ways I like to relax is watching my daughter climb and cooking Asian food with my husband. We particularly like Indian, Malaysian and Thai food. A regular Saturday night might involve cooking something like a curry with a homemade paste or making dumplings, unless my daughter begs us to make pizza!"

How do you support your mental health and wellbeing? Share your tips or read others using #ucomh21.

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