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Life at university signals a big change for many students. It may be your first time living away from home. Perhaps, a dramatic change of scenery from the countryside to the city or even a change of country. Of course, added to all that is the missing of friends, family and the support network of 'back home'.

That's where UCO Student Support Services come in. We are here to help students navigate life at a busy higher education institution and clinic. From helping resolve academic issues to giving guidance and assistance with external factors, which could affect a student's learning, the UCO student support team is here to help. The team can also provide support with financial issues and students can access our confidential counselling service free-of-charge.

You can find more information about our team and the ways we may be able to support you via the links below:

The past year has been particularly challenging for students as a result of the COVID pandemic. It was necessary to move elements of our teaching online and many students found themselves more isolated than they might have expected. For UCO students the practical element of working in an NHS Allied Health osteopathic clinic has also meant getting to grips with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), new sanitisation and testing regimes and working with patients who are understandably more cautious about interacting with others.  The Student Support team has been working with and supporting students throughout to help them adjust to and manage these changes.

The following example gives an insight into some of the work of the UCO student support team. If you will be joining the UCO at some point in the future please remember that our door is open, and that the Student Support team are available to help with any challenges or concerns you may have and to ensure your time with us is a success.

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Sofia's Story*

Sofia came into the office in tears, feeling very overwhelmed.

Her relationship was breaking down, she has a young daughter and doesn't have any family or friends close by.  Her fiance no longer talked to her, helped with childcare or supported her financially which left Sofia feeling incredibly lonely.

Sofia was struggling to keep on top of homeschooling during the lockdown, in addition to working four days a week and focusing on her final year.

Student Support listened to Sofia as she spoke about her troubles for the first time.  We passed her the box of tissues, and then put together a welfare plan and an academic plan consisting of counselling, staggered deadlines and financial support to assist her with the challenges she faced.  We also put her in touch with external organisations that could offer family and childcare support.

Sofia progressed through the year and completed the course on time with her peers.  She also found the courage to end her relationship so she could focus on her daughter and her bright future.

 *Name and key details have been changed

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