Graduate Papers Published

Four graduates of the UCO's Class of 2020 have recently had their dissertations published and have received £250 each from the UCO in recognition of this achievement.

The four students and papers are as follows:

Pelekanou, Reno, and Oliver P. Thomson. 
A blame game and sticky labels: A qualitative study of osteopaths’ experiences of managing patients with pain catastrophising.
International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine 39 (2021): 1-9. Published at:

Reed, Meghan B., and Oliver P. Thomson. 
"Who am I to disagree?” A qualitative study of how patients interpret the consent process prior to manual therapy of the cervical spine. 
International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine (2021).
Published at:

Maretic, Sanja, and Hilary Abbey. 
"Understanding patients' narratives” A qualitative study of osteopathic educators’ opinions about using Medical Humanities poetry in undergraduate education. 
International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine (2021).
Published at:

Maïté Delafin and Jerry Draper-Rodi 
Interoceptive Sensibility in Professional Dancers Living With or without pain: A Cross-Sectional Study (under review)

Charles Hunt, UCO Vice-Chancellor says:

"It's fantastic to see the work of UCO graduates in publication and to recognise the contribution their research makes to the profession. My congratulations to Meghan, Reno, Maïté and Sanja for their insightful and informative work, and to the UCO research team who have supported them in their endeavours."

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