Advanced Ergonomics CPD Course

Advanced Ergonomics Course 18 May 2019

University College of Osteopathy

The Advanced Ergonomics course is the sequel to the course “Ergonomics for Manual Therapists” which was an introduction to Ergonomics and its application in the workplace to improve working postures for computer workers and manual handling.  It has been designed for those who have undertaken this course, but others who feel they have experience of DSE assessments or ergonomics are welcome to join.

We start with a review of what experience the delegates have gained since the previous course and they are invited to bring along any example pictures of any interesting or challenging workstations.  There will be case studies in more depth than the previous course and we will run through protocols for specialist DSE assessments and report writing including templates.

There will be a presentation from the Osmond Group one of the leading Ergonomic Equipment suppliers and they will bring in chairs, desks and other accessories.  If there is anything, in particular, you would like to see let me know and I can get them to bring it along.

The practical will involve an assessment of one of the staff at the UCO and delegates will get the chance to try out an assessment themselves.  We will go through the ergonomics of driving which will include a car assessment for anyone who brings their car along.  This will be useful for you to offer a quick car check for patients who spend a lot of time in their cars.  For my car bound clients, I will usually nip out for 5 minutes at the end of a treatment to review their car set-up.

I will talk about ‘reasonable adjustments’ for disabilities and have more manual handling case studies.  This is a user-focussed course – so if there is anything you would like me to cover, please let me know before the course and I will endeavour to include it.


Advanced Ergonomics Course 18 May 2019

University College of Osteopathy
Saturday 18 May 2019


Article by David Annett

Chartered Ergonomist & Registered Osteopath

Ergotherapy Ltd

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