The 42-miles-a-day challenge

The 42-miles-a-day challenge: A walk from Lands End to London Bridge

UCO students Aidan Twomey, James Small and Joshua Thomas are embarking on a gruelling 292 mile walk from Lands End to London this April to help fund free osteopathic treatments offered by UCO Clinics.

Aidan, James and Joshua aim to complete the walk in just seven days and are training hard in preparation for the challenge. 

The donations will support the UCO’s specialist clinics which deliver free-of-charge osteopathic treatment to people with HIV, homeless people, older residents and children and can help patients recover from and manage a wide variety of conditions as well as improve overall wellbeing. This support can be life-changing and benefits some of the most vulnerable members of our communities. 

One patient said recently: “I find osteopathy gets to the root of my problems and helps me to manage pain better so I can get on with my busy life”.  

The transformative effect osteopathy has on our patients inspires us to provide as many free access clinics as we can, so please accept our grateful thanks for your generosity!  We will keep in touch with our supporters throughout the walk and after so you can see the impact your donation has on the lives of people experiencing pain and discomfort. 

Aidan says: "I'm 26 and in my final year at the UCO. Osteopathy changed my life! I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos syndrome and advised that too much exercise would damage me. I saw an osteopath who told me different, he helped me strengthen my body and mind so I could compete in a high level athletics, he also discounted his prices and this is why I am so passionate about our charity clinics."

James says: "I'm 23 and in my 3rd year at the UCO. At the age of two and a half I was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. I'm doing this walk to prove to people I can succeed in demanding physical challenges."

Joshua says: "I'm 23 and in my final year at the UCO. Following an injury preceding a high level swimming competition, an osteopath helped facilitate my participation within the competition as well as my recovery after. That type treatment is what I hope to bring to my own patients."

Any support for the students would be very welcome as they work towards this worthy goal. You can donate via the University's Just Giving page.

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