Additional course costs

Students should be aware that there may be other course costs in addition to course fees. Some of the potential costs you may need to consider for your course are provided below.

Living expenses

We know that living in London while studying at university may seem expensive, but careful planning and budgeting can make managing your money much simpler.

The cost of living in London can vary hugely depending on students’ individual lifestyle choices, and although it tends to be more expensive than in other UK cities, that doesn't make it unaffordable. There are lots of opportunities for part-time work, lots of different ways to travel, plenty of activities to enjoy for free, greater range of shops allowing you to find the best deals, and numerous students discounts and promotions to take advantage of in London.

There are also some useful online tools, such as the UCAS budget calculator or the Which? University website to help you manage your money throughout the year. Additionally, the Living Wage is higher in London and the Student Finance Maintenance Loan is paid at a higher rate for students living in London. 

You can find further useful information on our Location and Accomodation page.