Research activities are underpinned by the UCO’s mission statement to: “continually provide the highest quality education and research for all and the very best care, for each patient, on every occasion".

The values that guide these activities include a commitment to developing an open and honest culture of critical enquiry, scholarship and research, which maintains respect for the heritage and values of osteopathy. The strategies we have developed for research management and governance aim to promote high quality research and scholarship to support evidence-informed education and clinical practice within the institution and throughout the osteopathic profession.

The aim of the Research Centre is to promote research and evidence based practice in osteopathy at local, national and international level. Its core activities are to deliver high quality research from the faculty, in collaboration with other institutions, with stakeholder partners and to disseminate findings. We assist clinical staff undertaking research or audit projects, provide research training and teaching and supervise undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students.

The Research Centre supports the UCO's values and has several key aims:

  • To establish and maintain a recognisable reputation for high quality research at both a national and international level
  • To ensure quality and integrity in the planning, conduct and management of research, in reporting and disseminating the results, and in the delivery and reporting of research impact.
  • To contribute to the body of osteopathic knowledge
  • To promote evidence-informed care
  • To support high quality education within UCO
  • To contribute to the wider academic research and healthcare communities
  • To support sustainable activity and the achievement of the UCO’s strategic goals