Mark is  Director of Learning, Teaching and Assessment. He has been working in education for almost twenty years and has taught across many levels from early years to Postgraduate.

Following a number of years working as a primary school teacher, Mark joined the UCO (then BSO) in 2006 in the role of Academic Learning Adviser. Within a year he was responsible for the running of the Access to HE Diploma, and later managed the part-time degree provision under the old Mixed Mode model. It was in this last role that Mark headed up the development of the BSO’s first entirely part-time M.Ost programme, validated in 2013, and became Course Leader for this degree. In August 2018, Mark added to his responsibilities by taking on management of the full-time course as well. Mark brings his experience and knowledge of education to this important position and enjoys working with the team of osteopaths running the course units to provide students with the best possible route toward qualification. Mark has also taught a number of subjects to UCO students, including academic learning techniques, professionalism, ethics, communication skills and research practices, and delivers elements of the UCO's PGCert ACE course and CPD programme.

In addition to his various roles at the UCO Mark sits on the Quality and Development Committee of LASER Learning Awards. He has continued to build on his qualifications and experience, completing an MA in Education in August 2010. Mark is passionate about education and osteopathy and has conducted research on preparedness for practice, e-learning, collaborative learning and assessment many of which he has presented on at conference.

Mark says he believes one of his main roles a Course Leader is to focus on the student's learning experience. He enjoys working closely with undergraduates to make sure that they get the most out of their time studying here.

Outside the UCO Mark enjoys running and cycling and is a big cinema enthusiast, writing film and theatre reviews for a small London publication as well authoring his own movie blog.