Louise Evans (B.Ost, PgCACE) is Unit Leader for the part-time PC1, POSP2-4, as well as full-time 4th Year Technique Lecturer.

Since joining the staff team at the UCO, Louise has enjoyed roles in the Practical Skills Department, teaching and assessing osteopathic technique and palpation at all levels. Louise runs a practice with her husband, Patrick, who she met while studying at the UCO.

Louise’s osteopathic practice is located within a private GP clinic and both Louise and Patrick enjoy working closely with the GPs. Louise also has a close working relationship with the local Community Midwifery Team and so has developed a wide range of experience treating expectant mothers, newborns and children of all ages. When asked recently by a patient what her favourite area to treat is; she had to admit that it would be tempero-mandibular joint dysfunction but she loves clinical practice in general.

Louise splits her week between teaching commitments and her osteopathic clinic and so has been fortunate to benefit from clinical life informing teaching work and vice versa.

When working for the UCO, Louise has enjoyed nothing more than watching budding osteopaths develop and flourish during their time at the university and helping them to overcome various challenges along the way.