Kristen has recently completed her third year on the M.Ost part-time course. Ask Kristen a question about studying at the UCO.








Name: Kristen

Age: 40

Nationality: American

Course: M.Ost Part-time (just completed year 3)



Why osteopathy?

I came to UK in 2006 to study for my master’s in International Relations. After I graduated, I worked in multiple jobs but couldn’t find anything that spoke to me. I became a personal trainer in 2016 but knew I wanted progress further. As soon as I began to investigate Osteopathy its holistic methodology intrigued me. I knew I found the right path.  

Why the UCO?

It’s reputation on being at the forefront of Osteopathic teaching is what attracted me.  

Biggest challenges?

As a part-time student, the biggest challenge is finding the balance between studying and other ‘real world’ responsibilities. It is not an insurmountable challenge though. You must be firm with your own schedule from the beginning.  

Favourite aspects of the course so far?

Meeting people who have a similar interest, learning how amazing the human body is and how much it can adapt to the stressors of life.  

What are your hopes and plans for the future?

Once qualified I hope to work as an Associate in a small clinic and do further study in nutrition.  


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