We caught up with M.Ost student and former SU President Jason Mosher to find out how he's getting on at the UCO.

So why did you choose to study osteopathy, and why the UCO?

I chose osteopathy because I saw the value of manual therapy in the medical field and wanted to be able to aid in rehabilitation. I chose the UCO after shadowing a graduate from this school, her ability to deal with and treat her patients was excellent. Then after looking deeper into how the different schools teach osteopathy, I decided the UCO truly was for me.

What did you do before moving to London?

Before moving to London, I played quite a few different sports including hockey, rugby, golf. I graduated from Acadia University with a bachelors degree in Kinesiology in my home province of Nova Scotia, Canada. After which I practiced as a Kinesiologist doing physical rehab for a year and a half before coming here to add to what I could do.

What’s your favourite aspect of the course?

Favourite aspect of the course to date would have to be the pro-section in first year anatomy.

What do you think of the atmosphere at the UCO?

The atmosphere at the UCO is first and foremost very friendly and welcoming, in combination with all the events that are always happening it makes for great fun as well.

What’s the best thing about studying and living in London?

It’s an experience of a lifetime to live in such a massive city. It truly has everything you could ever want within a tube ride. Whether that be golfing, skating, an amazing restaurant - it’s all there.

What are your plans for after graduation?

After graduation, I hope to go back to Nova Scotia and set up my own practice. However, you never really know what future opportunities and changes of plans will come your way, so I am keeping my options open.

If you were to give one reason why someone should choose to study at the UCO, what would it be?

I believe you should come to the UCO mainly because of the massive amount of clinical expertise we receive from our tutors and the hours you will get in clinic. First observing, then treating with tutor supervision will prepare graduating students for life after the UCO.

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