Elodie Frati teaches osteopathic technique on our part-time patient care course and the full-time and part-time rehabilitation courses.

Elodie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of osteopathy, particularly in treating performing artists. Originally from France, Elodie moved to the UK in 2006 to pursue a career as a professional contemporary dancer. During this time, she discovered the benefits of osteopathy and its ability to adapt to the demands of her work.

As a mature student, Elodie returned to study osteopathy and graduated with distinction from the UCO. She then worked as the in-house osteopath for The Lion King at the Lyceum in London, providing care for performers, crew, and musicians. In addition to her work at the UCO, Elodie also has a private practice in central London where she treats performers from some of the West End's biggest musicals and a predominantly athletic population in Bromley.

Not only is Elodie a skilled osteopath, but she also has a passion for yoga. She has been teaching yoga for many years and continues doing so alongside her osteopath work. She previously held the position of Head of Teaching for Europe's largest yoga business and still dedicates part of her time to training new and existing yoga teachers.