Kevin Brownhill is a researcher, as well as an osteopath in practice.

His research interests include relationships between symptoms and function in the musculoskeletal system. Kevin’s PhD explored relationships between intervertebral coordination and back pain. He is currently pursuing functional back pain collaborations with several external academic institutes, and is sponsored by a Society of Back Pain Research travel fellowship. Kevin recently completed a Master’s degree in Statistics and is able to offer staff and students support in this area, as well as with the technicalities of physical measurement. He is currently involved in analysing data from the PROMS study and the OsteoMAP project. His research interests include assessing relationships between structure, function and sensory experiences such as balance and proprioceptive disturbances in back pain, statistical shape analysis of habitual postures, assessing relationships between back pain and shape of the back surface, and associations between back pain and activity levels.


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