Ana is a current student on the M.Ost full-time course. Ask Ana a question about studying at the UCO.

Ana Freitas


What led you to study osteopathy at the UCO?

When I was 16, I had to undergo a surgery to lengthen my right femur. It was a complicated procedure that required 2 extra surgeries. My orthopaedist recommended a local osteopath and she helped me go through the experience. She worked a lot on rehabilitating my body and giving me the confidence to walk again. I kept seeing her for 3 years after the surgery, when I was ready to be dismissed

What has been the biggest challenge to date?

I'd say keeping track of my techniques. We're always learning new ones and we are constantly required to remember the ones we've seen. It is perfectly possible but it requires a lot of practice.

What has been your favourite aspect of the course to date?

I like how the knowledge we get changes how we look at ourselves and others. You start understanding that all muscles are connected in a way, be it structurally or functionally. You see the bigger picture where everything affects one's health. Things like their occupation, habits, hobbies, mental health, household, everything.


What has been your most memorable moment to date?

Moving to the UK. I think leaving everything I knew behind and changing it for an unknown future was scary. But it made me realize that life is unpredictable and the best we can do is accept it and enjoy its surprises.


Thinking back to your first year, was there anything that particularly surprised you or you wish you’d known?

I was very grateful to meet two 3rd year students who showed me that learning is trial and error. We all learn differently and there are multiple ways to do so. To find out how you learn, you just have to experiment and see what suits you.

How do you manage your time on the course? 

I find that I'm not very good at tracking my time. As a result, I'm always studying something, whenever I have free time. 

Do you combine your studies with work or other commitments? If so, is it manageable?

During my second year I started working while studying. It is manageable but I had to constantly remind myself to focus on uni. On exam weeks, I would speak to my managers to work less and on summer I'd request extra hours. It's all about balancing your time as well as you can.

What are your tips for making a success of the course and your time at the UCO?

Don't be afraid to ask for help. It is a tough course that involves a lot of heavy subjects. Trying to do everything by yourself will just increase your anxiety and it probably won't work. Invest in study buddies and quizzes with your friends. The more fun studying is, the more you'll remember.


What are your plans for the future?

Due to my visa limitations, I hope to be hired by the end of 4th year so that I can stay in the UK working as an osteopath. It would be interesting to work for the NHS but my long-term plan is to open my own clinic in London.