We may not be the biggest uni in town, but we’re proud of who we are and what we do. In fact, we think our small size is one of our strengths. Read on to find out what else we can offer.

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We're specialist

At the UCO we're passionate about health, whether it's producing exceptional healthcare professionals or delivering affordable services to the community. We've been a leading provider in osteopathic education for over 100 years and now we're expanding to bring that experience to other healthcare pathways. We're evidence-led, and our active research team are involved in projects aimed at increasing our understanding and pushing the boundaries of healthcare.

We will bring this expertise to your learning and equip you with the skills you need to be the future of your chosen profession. What's more, everyone you will be studying with will be on the same journey, as will many of your tutors before you, providing you with a supportive professional network for life.

Our courses:

  • are highly experiential from the beginning and are set fully in the context of clinical practice;
  • champion the role practitioners have in health promotion and disease prevention;
  • have a curriculum that is evidence informed and founded on principles of critical enquiry;
  • and offer a rewarding profession and significant opportunity for personal development.

Immersive learning

We know how valuable the learning experience is for your future aspirations. At the UCO that means a varied timetable of lectures, practical sessions and time working in our teaching clinic; small class numbers to keep student/tutor ratios low; high levels of contact time and lots of additional support to help you through your studies.

Real-world experience

At the UCO clinical training and professional practice is central to what we do and our teaching clinic is at the heart of it.  The clinic will provide you with a working environment in which to perfect your professional and clinical skills and to work directly with a diverse range of patients/clients without the need for external placements.

A warm community

Not keen on being an anonymous face in a sea of students? Our small class numbers mean you’ll get to know your tutors well and they’ll be able to guide your journey with us. Our friendly student support team are also on hand should you need them.

You’ll also receive lots of support from your peers, including those in other year groups, and our senior students often act as informal mentors to our junior ones. Our community groups are also great ways to connect with others with shared experiences.

41% of practicing osteopaths in the UK chose to train at the UCO (General Osteopathic Council, 2019)

Time to unwind

Of course, university life shouldn’t be all-work-and-no-play. UCO students enjoy an active social life both within the university college and outside it. Our Students' Union coordinate a range of extra-curricular activities, from parties in the SU bar to sports days.

Location, location, location

When our students fancy a change of scenery, they can explore all that London has to offer. Voted best student city (QS Best Student Cities 2020), London has something for everyone. From a multicultural, international population to a thriving cultural scene, lively nightlife, a rich history and beautiful outdoor spaces.

"There's so much to do. Never thought I would go to university and end up going salsa dancing on a Monday night with classmates." ~ Kaitlin, M.Ost full-time student

Excellent employment opportunities

Our established reputation goes a long way. UCO graduates are in high demand from employers and 90% of our graduating students are in employment, compared to a national average of 79%.* 

The end goal

Whichever course you choose, upon graduation you will be embarking on a rewarding, flexible and challenging career, making a real difference to the health and wellbeing of others. You’ll have the evidence-based knowledge, skills and practical experience to help you excel in your chosen career path, and to join the thousands of healthcare professionals who are proud to be graduates of the UCO.


Ready to start your journey? Call us on 020 7089 5316 or come along to our next Open Day.

* Data from Graduate Outcomes survey 2017-18, based on responses from graduates 15 months after graduation.