Our quick guide to conquering Clearing...

Be positive

More and more students find their place through the Clearing process and it can open up new and exciting opportunities. By staying calm and doing your research you can find a place for this September. If you're feeling anxious about your results or the prospect of starting university Student Minds offers lots of great resources that might be useful to you.

Be open minded

Changed your mind about what you want to do or missed out on your first choices? Consider what you really want from a university course and explore other options which deliver them. Osteopathy and nutrition both offer fantastic alternatives to other health and wellbeing careers, including physiotherapy, nursing and sports science.

Be prepared

Don't wait until results day to do your research. Visit our website, ask us questions, join an open day or book a tour to find out more about what we can offer you.

Remember there are no stupid questions

Clearing is about finding a place and a course that is right for you, and we want to help you make the right choice. If you have a burning question you'd like answered let us know - our staff team and students are ready to help.

Get everything in order

Make sure you have your details to hand when you call us to discuss a possible Clearing place. Useful information to have ready includes your UCAS ID number, your Clearing number, your qualifications and results and your phone and email. 

Stay calm

We're a friendly bunch at the UCO and we consider every applicant on their individual merits. We may want to talk to you about your application before we can make you an offer, but it will be an informal chat and is to help ensure you make the right choice for you. 

Got a question or ready to apply? Contact us on 020 7089 5316 or admissions@uco.ac.uk.