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Shireen is Course Leader for the Postgraduate Certificate in Integrated Care of Older Adults.

Shireen graduated in 1997 from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) as a qualified osteopath and naturopath. She subsequently studied pain relief acupuncture in Sri Lanka followed by an MSc at BCOM. Having practised in India, Essex, Hampshire and London, Shireen has treated a broad range of patients due to the large geographical variability as well as differing community settings. She spent a year in India working with children affected by cerebral palsy. Recently, she volunteered at West Hampstead Women’s Centre in London to promote musculoskeletal health amongst disadvantaged and minority women. She is currently busy managing a private practice in north London.

Shireen has been involved in osteopathic education since 2000 as an assistant lecturer at BCOM. She has always enjoyed learning and hoped to transfer this quality to future osteopaths. Her particular educational interests are anatomy, biomechanics, clinical reasoning and management of the elderly. At the UCO, she was involved in running the postgraduate MSc course from 2012-2017. She is also engaged in supervising undergraduate and postgraduate research projects, as well as teaching on the part-time undergraduate programme in older adult care. Shireen has recently been involved in creating the first accredited postgraduate specialism in the management of older adults within osteopathic education. 

Shireen has continued to educate herself by attending numerous conferences, shadowing within the NHS and has recently begun a postgraduate certificate in academic and clinical education. She is also one of the reviewers of the Journal of Bodyworks and Movement Therapy.

Shireen is a keen tennis player and particularly enjoys yoga, gardening and reading. Having been brought up in India, she is able to converse in Hindi, Tamil and Urdu. She has three children who keep her young and in touch with the youth.