What is integrated nutrition and dietetics?

Integrated nutrition brings together the best of all branches of the current nutrition profession and is a highly scientific, patient-centred and comprehensive approach to healthcare. Dietitians are the only nutrition professionals to be regulated by law and are governed by an ethical code to ensure that they always work to the highest standard.  

Integrated nutrition professionals are experienced in conducting scientific research and understand the quality, benefits and issues associated with the methods used to conduct health and nutrition research. Their research skills enable them to critically assess new and existing evidence and determine the quality, validity and relevance of the findings within the context of the existing evidence-base and, how this may influence their practice and the health and wellbeing of the individuals and groups they work with.

As scientists, integrated nutrition professionals do not follow trends or the latest fads but generate evidence-informed, safe and effective nutrition-based support and translate complex scientific theory and research findings into practical and accessible advice and information to inform service users on how best to improve their health.

Being extensively trained in psychology and communication skills, integrated nutrition professionals can provide highly personalised support, tailored to the unique health and lifestyle needs of each service user, using the most effective tools and techniques to support individuals in making the changes necessary to address health concerns and achieve their goals. They take a biopsychosocial approach to care and have a deep respect for and understanding of all the factors that influence health and dietary choice, and as such are empathetic, compassionate and skilled in supporting service users with complex backgrounds. 

Integrated nutrition practitioners have extensive clinical practice experience working with diverse service user groups of all ages, in a range of community, private practice, industry and clinical environments.  

Why study integrated nutrition & dietetics?

With several major studies published over the last few years, showing a direct link between poor dietary choices and global disease, nutrition is the future of healthcare. Recent evidence suggests that 1 in 5 preventable deaths can be directly attributed to poor diet (Afshin et al, 2019). Studies such as these, together with the continuing rise of non-communicable disease, indicate a global crisis and the urgent need for an integrative and progressive, nutrition-based approach to tackling disease. Integrated nutrition and dietetics are brilliant, rewarding careers across the professions in health, social care and beyond.

Why study nutrition & dietetics at the UCO?

Here at the University College of Osteopathy, we work hard to ensure the time our students spend with us is stimulating and enriching, providing them with the skills and experience they need to become highly competent, patient-led healthcare practitioners.

The BSc (Hons) Integrated Nutrition & Dietetics course, launching at the UCO this autumn, is a brand-new 3-year undergraduate degree programme that aims to create a cohesive and highly integrated new generation of nutrition professionals who have the knowledge, skills and capabilities to work within NHS and allopathic medicine-based care. They will also be able to work in the wider nutrition industry by confidently and effectively drawing on and critically assessing the value and implications of all safe and viable nutritional interventions, from all fields and areas of nutrition practice and research.

Graduates of this degree will have the diverse tools, techniques and scientific understanding to make evidence-informed, clinically reasoned decisions to utilise any and all options for supporting service user health and nutritional requirements they deem safe and appropriate.

Extensive clinical practice experience and training in advanced communication and behaviour change techniques will help ensure graduates are adept at facilitating real change in the face of an increasingly complex healthcare landscape and can provide advanced, patient-centred care.

If you are looking for a rewarding career in healthcare, we have a place for you at the UCO!

To encourage applicants to study towards a brilliant and rewarding career in healthcare, we are pleased to offer a special introductory tuition fee discount for students who have accepted a place on our new BSc (Hons) Integrated Nutrition & Dietetics undergraduate course for 2019 entry. Students will get a 20% reduction in tuition fees for the 2019-20 academic year, and a 10% reduction in tuition fees for the 2020-21 academic year.

Find out more about nutrition and dietetics as a career.

Apply now and get ready to tackle some of the pressing issues associated with global health! www.uco.ac.uk/nutrition

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