Student Interview: Lauren Elder

In the latest in our new 'meet the students' series, we find out what third year student Lauren Elder thinks about studying at the UCO.

What were your reasons for choosing osteopathy and the UCO?

I chose to study at the UCO because I wanted to help people. The UCO alowed me to expand my horizons and learn osteopathy in such an amazing environment, allowing me to fulfil what I've always wanted.  I chose the UCO specifically because of its central London location, family-like feel and the amazing clinic.

I wanted to study osteopathy as with it I could be there for someone in their time of need, whether its giving a diagnosis, allowing the patient to feel at ease and understand their complaint, or physically treating them and watching them progress and regain what they felt they had lost, such as their ability to fulfil their hobbies for example. When I realised all of this was possible in osteopathy, I knew it was for me.

What aspects of the course do you particularly like or find challenging?

My favourite aspect of the course is being able to treat and observe patients within a wonderfully modern clinic, giving me a real sense of achievement as I develop through the course as well as an insight into real life as an osteopath.

The most challenging aspect is attempting to balance all the subjects. Each one is so incredibly necessary and when you excel in one subject and not another it really is a challenge to ensure you stay well rounded and maintain high standards for all the subjects.

What does it feel like to study at the UCO?

The atmosphere at the UCO is friendly and family like. The small year groups allow for a really close bond between the students. My most memorable moment was my first day: I will never forget walking through those sliding doors, greeted by the receptionist grinning at me. The noise from the bubbly students all starting the course with me and the nerves I felt as I stepped onto the welcome mat. 

What are your plans for the future?

Ideally I'd love to work for another osteopath initially and then have my own osteopathic clinic in my local area after building up a good patient list and reputation."

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