Introducing the UCO's new SU Presidents

The UCO's new Students' Union Presidents have been announced as second year FT M.Ost students Meghan Carolan and Nina Vasco. We find out a little bit more about them and what they'd like to achieve during their presidency.

Nina Vasco (left) and Meghan Carolan (right)

Tell us a little about what brought you to the UCO...

Nina: "Before coming to the UCO, I was at college doing a sport and exercise science diploma which I did for 2 years. After finishing I was still unsure on what career path, so I wanted to take a year out. During this time, I mainly worked in retail and as a swimming instructor, as this year went on, I realised that I wanted to work in healthcare, so I started volunteering as a patient education peer supporter in a Spinal Cord Injury Centre at a hospital local to me. I went once a week to help patients in gaining the skills and knowledge that they needed to get on with their lives after being discharged. It was so nice to be a part of such a vital aspect to their rehabilitation process and it made me acknowledge how much I enjoyed helping others. This is what led to me looking into more patient centred careers and it was actually a friend of my older sister who introduced me to osteopathy and the UCO as she was a current student there. I came for an open day and never looked back!" 

Meghan: "Before embarking on my journey of osteopathy at the UCO, I completed an undergraduate BSc degree in Sport and Physical Education. This degree entailed a variety of different units, which gave an insight into rehab and encouraging people to lead better lifestyles. This sparked my interest in a profession that I knew would involve patient-centred care and aiding people on their journeys. I saw how osteopathy also benefited my grandparents and was amazed, this is now an inner drive of mine."  

What do you love about the UCO? 

Both: "One of the main things we love about the UCO is how it’s like a big family. The care and support you receive from other students is phenomenal. All the year groups mix and have friendships, which makes the journey so much more memorable. In our first year, we loved the social interaction we had with other year groups, this made the transition into university life so much easier."

What do you want to achieve during your time as Presidents?

Both: "We chose to become presidents to uphold this support and socialising which is a crucial part of university. A big goal of our presidency is to ensure we do the utmost to include all groups and represent diversity."


Meghan and Nina will be working with other members of the SU team to ensure there are lots of opportunities for all students to participate in student live at the UCO - watch this space for details!


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