International Osteopathic Healthcare Week: 14-20 April 2019

Did you know? International Osteopathic Healthcare Week runs from 14-20 April this year, and is an opportunity for us all to focus on our health, with key advice and tips from your osteopath that you can easily introduce into your daily lives to keep you healthier and happier.

Osteopathic care is focused on optimising the health of people, and is suitable for people of all ages, from babies to the elderly. People who visit an osteopath consistently report high satisfaction with the care they receive* and express high confidence in the treatment and advice of their osteopath**, with rates in excess of 90% for both satisfaction and trust.

Osteopaths use a wide range of safe and effective hands-on techniques that focus on improving mobility and optimising function, together with useful health advice and exercise. People commonly visit osteopaths for musculoskeletal issues, such as back, neck, joint, muscle and arthritic conditions, but people also visit osteopaths for a variety of other health reasons which may benefit from osteopathic care. 

Osteopaths are regulated by law and a recognised allied health profession by NHS England and must be registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) to practise in the UK. The Institute of Osteopathy (iO) is the professional membership body for osteopaths, dedicated to support, unite, develop and promote the osteopathic profession for the improvement of public health and patient care. The iO represents over two thirds of osteopaths in the UK. Follow the iO's Osteopathy for Health Facebook page for useful advice on keeping active, keeping healthy at work, healthy aging and more. 

During Osteopathy Healthcare Week, from Monday 15 until Thursday 18 April, we offer 50% off our usual fees at the UCO Clinic for all new patients. 

With the discount, standard appointments cost only £13, concessionary fees are £6.50, while community partner members pay only £10. Please note that the 50% discount is only available to new patients or those returning after an absence of six months or more, and cannot be requested for an ongoing course of treatment. For a full list of fees, visit this page

The UCO Clinic is the largest osteopathic teaching clinic in Europe where we deliver approximately 35,000 appointments each year, offering accessible and affordable healthcare for all. All appointments at the UCO Clinic are delivered by senior students, under the supervision of experienced, qualified osteopaths. 

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References: Visit

* 96% of osteopathic patients expressed confidence in osteopathic treatment and advice, You Gov Pubic Perceptions survey 2015.

** 93.2% of osteopathic patients felt that their experience of osteopathy was very good, Patient Reported Outcome Measures, adult data, 2017.

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