A day in the life of a first-year M.Ost student

Wondering what it's really like to be a student at the UCO? First-year M.Ost student Semira describes a typical day on the full-time course.


Most of my mornings typically begin with me popping into Starbucks (conveniently only a few metres from UCO) to quickly grab a tea to set me up for my morning lectures. I will usually run into some of my classmates here and we will walk into uni together and go to our first lecture of the day.


Today I had a physiology lecture where we learnt about the endocrine system; there was definitely a lot for me to wrap my head around however I didn’t mind too much as it was fascinating to learn how all the different components work so well together.


Next, I had a BaO (Being an Osteopath) lecture, where we discussed the central concepts of human function, health and illness that guide and inform osteopathic patient care. We also learned to recognise the complexity of patients in regard to personal circumstances. I love these lectures as we are encouraged to voice our opinion and look at issues from a different perspective.


After my morning lectures I spent a couple hours finishing writing up my notes and also revised muscle attachments and insertions with my friends. For lunch my friends and I took a stroll up the high street to Borough Market where we were spoiled for choice with lunch options! Once we arrived back at uni we spent the rest of our lunch playing pool and table tennis in the Student Union with the rest of our classmates, who were extremely competitive I hasten to add.


Finally, our last class was observation and palpation, so it was time for me to get changed into my cycling shorts and put my scrubs on. (And you cannot forget to have PPE on!!) Today, we explored the upper section of the spine (Cervical spine). In our pairs we located the specific vertebrae and surrounding muscles- this class is very useful as it prepares me for the technique class tomorrow where we learn about the examination of this part of the body.


After concentrating for a long day some of my friends and I decided to finish on a high note and went to have a drink at a pub overlooking the Thames. Once we had finished laughing about the ironies of life and complaining about upcoming exams, we decided to make our way home and get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Got a question for Semira about her experience on the full-time M.Ost? Email her at askastudent@uco.ac.uk

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