BHM: Proud to be Michael

To mark Black History Month we're encouraging members of the UCO community to share why they are proud to be who they are. Today UCO alumni Michael shares who he is #ProudToBe

"I am proud I kept my identity.

I am proud the poor kids still see me as a big brother.

I, like my ancestors have studied the sciences.

I am proud my choices of literature rattled many, the titles of my books unsettled the comfortable.

I am proud to be an Afro Caribbean child whos grandfather came here with nothing, my father was murdered, my mother struggled. My uncles were abused In the system , trauma career criminals, drug abusers, mental health sufferers, my granny died to the bottle. 

I am proud the same intelligence they all possessed I was able to put to use.

I am proud to be a osteopath but more importantly I am proud I've learnt to challenge my thoughts and views. I am comfortable with my stages of change.

I am proud the UCO staff saw value in me, even when the police told me “your education means nothing, you still are what you are”. I came in and Karen gave me a random hug (you cant teach energy, she has the gift).

My mother celebrates the first male to achieve two master degrees in my family, today I remind her I am an African, my ancestors ruled empires, success is nothing new to us.

I am proud to be an educated urhobo man.

I am proud of Yinka Fabusuyi, Mr Vogel, Mr Simpson, Karen Shiels you made me believe in my darkest moments, gave me hope that one day we will feel welcome. "

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