We know that studying can be expensive and that changes to circumstances can often make it a struggle. We offer a limited number of grants and bursaries to students facing unforeseen financial difficulties as well as interest-free loans to those in need.

Our Student Finance Officer can also assist with student finance applications.

UCO Access Course Fee Support Grant

The UCO Access Course Fee Support Grant is available to students who are studying for our Access to Higher Education Diploma and are in receipt of a means-tested benefit. It is a grant of £300 towards course fees.

Access Course Fee Support Grant guidelines

Access Course Fee Support Grant application form

UCO Bursary Fund – as part of our Access Agreement

UCO bursaries are targeted to help undergraduate students meet the additional material and equipment costs associated with study as well as helping students to cover their living and accommodation costs. This year, we are offering the following bursaries:

  • £200 to undergraduate students on household incomes under £25,000
  • A further £300 to students who are eligible for the bursary outlined above and who progress to our undergraduate courses from a relevant QAA recognised Access course
  • Students who are care leavers will be eligible to receive the bursaries outlined above as well as an additional bursary of £2,500.

Students do not need to apply for the UCO Bursary as the UCO assesses whether a student meets the eligibility criteria after they register on the course using SLC data.

Bursaries are paid directly to the student in January upon successful completion of their first term, conditional upon their continuing to meet the criteria.

Access to Learning Fund (ALF) – as part of our Access Agreement

The ALF provides financial support in the form of non-repayable bursaries to full or part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students who are facing extreme unforeseen financial difficulty or unexpected financial crisis.

Access to Learning Fund (ALF) guidelines

Access to Learning Fund (ALF) application form

EU and International Hardship Fund 

The EU and International Hardship Fund provides financial support in the form of non-repayable bursaries to eligible EU and international students on our full-time and part-time undergraduate courses. MSc Osteopathy (pre-registration) students can also apply. The fund is there to support EU and international students who face extreme unforeseen financial difficulty.

EU and International Hardship Fund guidelines

EU and International Hardship Fund application form

Student Welfare Fund

This is a one-off annual bursary awarded to students in financial need. The amount awarded is dependent on an applicant’s financial circumstances and may be divided between several applicants.

Student Welfare Fund application form

UCO Student Loan Scheme

The UCO offers loans primarily to undergraduate students but also to students studying for our MSc Osteopathy (pre-registration) whose change in financial circumstances makes it difficult for them to pay their tuition fees. These loans are interest-free, repaid on completion of the course over 60 monthly installments.

UCO Student Loan Scheme application form

The Osteopathic Foundation

The Osteopathic Foundation is able to offer interest-free loans to students in the final two years of their degree course in osteopathy. The amount of the loan for each academic year is dependent upon the fund available and the number of students requiring help. Priority will be given to students who find themselves unexpectedly in financial difficulties through no fault of their own and who, previously, had a reasonable expectation of being able to fund the course.

The application form for this scheme will be available nearer to the July/August closing date.

UCO Student Hardship Loan Fund

Short-term emergency loans of up to £300 are offered to students who find themselves in unexpected financial hardship and are unable to pay for everyday expenses such as travel to college, food, rent. Each individual case is assessed on student need and should be discussed with the Student Support Manager.

For further information, please contact student support.