Jayne Morley Board Member.jpg

Primary specialism: Osteopathy 
Additional Specialisms: Audit; Accounting (ACA); Risk Management

Jayne is an osteopath who studied at UCO’s predecessor organisation, British School of Osteopathy, for three years and has worked predominantly with elderly clients and sports athletes since early 2014.

As part of this role, she is currently contributing to a tennis focused training book and principles of Osteopathic treatment as well as discussing Osteopathy treatment for athletes on the sports presentation circuit. Her experience in business has evolved in conjunction with a strong focus sport focused primarily in tennis at elite and grassroot levels.

In addition to that, Jayne has been Head of Internal Audit at Savills for 7 years and takes over 16 years’ worth of experience in Audit; Accounting (ACA) and Risk Management to UCO’s Board.