Dr Susie Jennings (RNutr)

Senior Lecturer and Unit Leader- BSC (Hons.) Nutrition with Professional Practice

Susie is a Senior Lecturer and Unit Leader for BSc (Hons) Nutrition with Professional Practice, specialising in Public Health Nutrition.

In 2008 she completed a PhD in Molecular Nutrition, focusing on how food components can affect health and disease processes at the cellular and molecular level, particularly cardiovascular disease and cancer. She continued in molecular nutrition research during her postdoctoral fellowship in diet and Alzheimer's Disease. Susie has also previously lectured in Health Science, Human Biology, Molecular and Cell Biology and Statistics.

Before joining the UCO in 2021 Susie was Clinical Trial Manager at the University of Reading, where she ran several multi-centre trials and supervised student research projects. A key theme of much of this work was reducing health and education inequalities, which are areas she feels strongly about. While in this role Susie also served on the University's Research Services Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Group.

Susie spent several years working in the field of public health and communication for charities, the government and the NHS. This included writing evidence-based health policies and information for patients, working with the NHS and local government to improve access to services for underserved groups, advising on NHS targets and guidelines, lobbying parliament on healthcare issues, assisting with parliamentary enquiries, running public engagement events and training sessions, and appearing as a health expert in media interviews and publications.

Outside of work Susie has an interest in mental and physical wellbeing and the arts and performs as part of a fire dance troupe. She also enjoys preparing cuisines from around the world using sustainable plant-based ingredients.


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