Daniel is Unit Leader for Functioning Human on the part-time M.Ost course.

Daniel qualified as an osteopath in 2002, with a first-class honours degree from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. Since then, he has run a private practice in the Midlands with a clinical focus on musculoskeletal pain and a strong emphasis on exercise rehabilitation. As part of his clinical work, he collaborates with the medical department of a local Championship football club to manage and prevent injuries in the first team players.

Daniel has worked in Higher Education since 2004, initially at Oxford Brookes University, then at Keele University and Staffordshire University, before joining the University College of Osteopathy in 2012. This has involved lecturing, mentoring, clinic tutoring, course design, development and dissertation supervision. In 2014, he was awarded a full PhD studentship from the renowned Research Institute of Primary Care and Health Sciences at Keele University. Daniel's doctoral studies are centred around exercise for musculoskeletal pain and patient adherence.

He is actively involved in research, collaborating on national and international projects involving organisations such as Arthritis Research UK and the NHS. Daniel has published work in peer reviewed journals and presented at conferences nationally. In addition to his bachelor’s degree, Daniel has a master’s in neuromusculoskeletal healthcare and a post-graduate certificate in academic and clinical education. He feels that his roles in clinical practice, education and research complement each other well, particularly integrating new knowledge into clinical practice through teaching.