Title: WEBINAR - Tricky tendons - applying evidence-based home exercise

Date: 17 June 2020

Time: 19:30 - 20:30

Cost: £10

Course leader: Andrew MacMillan


About the course

This course is a discussion of evidence-based exercise prescription for common tendon pathologies and a concise update on the key areas within the research literature. It will equip delegates with the skills and confidence to prescribe exercises personalised to individual patient requirements.


Learning outcomes

  • Design a rehabilitation plan for tendinopathy, with consideration of the underpinning pathophysiology.
  • Highlight key features of the current evidence regarding tendinopathy management.
  • Comfortably explain the tendinopathy continuum.
  • Confidently prescribe exercises to a patient
  • Be familiar with the evidence and rational for exercise for pain.


About the course leader

Andrew MacMillan is the unit leader for research and enquiry at the UCO and delivers the exercise rehabilitation module at the LSO. He has over 10 years’ experience of exercise prescription and sports rehabilitation, working with a broad range of patients from professional athletes and military personnel to specialist paediatrics. Andrew is an engaging speaker who integrates best research evidence with practical clinical practice tips.