Title: Emergency first aid

Date: 21 November 2020

Cost: £109 - £135

Course leader: Tony Bennison


About the course

An essential course for all healthcare professionals, manual therapists and those called on to deal with medical and trauma emergencies in pre-hospital settings.

Evidence continues to demonstrate how quickly emergent skills erode and how standard training in the hospital or clinical setting does not address the needs of the pre-hospital practitioner.  Delegates are encouraged to re-evaluate their emergent skills and knowledge and discuss their own experiences and concerns amongst their peers, based on actual scenarios and case studies. This course provides the minimum level of statutory first aid training recommended by the Health and Safety Executive. You will be awarded a nationally-recognised ‘Emergency First Aid at Work’ certificate which is valid for 3 years and is accepted by all healthcare and therapy governing bodies for insurance and CPD purposes.


Summary of Osteopathic Practice Standards (updated) covered in this course

B) Knowledge, skills and performance - B1, B2, B3

C) Safety and quality in practice - C1, C4


Learning outcomes

  • Understand the legalities of duty and standard of care, professional obligation and scope of practice.
  • Understand the primary survey: AcBCDE.
  • Understand how to perform basic life support and defibrillation according to the Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2015.
  • Learn the assessment and management of the unconscious casualty: GCS/AVPU
  • Understand the latest perspectives in head injury/concussion assessment: Berlin consensus assessment and management of neck injury: JRCALC
  • Learn the management of trauma in medical and environmental scenarios: case studies and open forum – asthma, anaphylaxis, hypoglycaemia, seizures, etc

Course suitability

This course is suitable for all manual therapists.


About the course leader

Tony Bennison trained as a Combat Medical Technician with the British Army in 1987, serving in various military settings and on attachment to civilian Accident & Emergency departments and with the London Ambulance Service.  

After leaving the military, he became Training Manager to a national first aid training company, before incorporating and obtaining Health and Safety Executive approval for ABC First Aid Ltd in 1997.  He was also employed as Lecturer in Resuscitation at Middlesex University, and now acts as Visiting Lecturer in Pre-Hospital Emergency Care at various other Universities including Hertfordshire, East London, Edge Hill, Chichester, Bournemouth and Solent.  He is a member of the Medical Education Faculties for the Rugby Football League and the Football Association. 

Tony has provided first aid and emergency medical training for staff, students and as part of the CPD programme at the University College of Osteopathy since 2008.

Tony’s training is based on the latest, evidence-based emergency care practice.  It is delivered realistically and pragmatically, in a straightforward manner, appropriate to the Physical Therapist/Clinician.  It aims to show how clinical reasoning skills need to be adapted and applied in a variety of trauma, medical and time-critical scenarios.


What have previous delegates said about the course?

"Excellent course and venue... I have learnt more today than I have on any other emergency care course and have found some of the information a revelation. Thank you so much!"

"Given me confidence in first aid emergencies"

"Lively, enthusiastic and clear instruction"


Cancellation policy

The UCO regrets that no refunds can be made for cancelled places unless a substitute participant can be found. The UCO cannot guarantee that any course will run. In the event of your course being cancelled, all paid fees and deposits will be refunded in full.