Tomorrow’s osteopaths: strengthening the foundations of osteopathic education

Saturday 9 December 2017
Hilton London Bankside

To mark the first hundred years of osteopathic education in the UK, the UCO will be holding an international education conference in London this December.

The conference will explore the range of healthcare concepts, educational strategies and research that currently underpin osteopathic education in different institutional contexts around the world, and will provide educators with a forum for sharing ideas, innovations and good practice, focusing on the challenges of developing and delivering osteopathic education capable of sustaining and enhancing the profession’s role in the wider healthcare environment.

The conference aims to address important questions about the current position and future direction of osteopathic education, including:

  • To what extent should osteopathic educational programmes and models of clinical practice be underpinned by conventional biomedical concepts?
  • What is distinctive about osteopathic education in the broad context of healthcare?
  • What role (if any) should humanistic concepts such as person-centred care and Values Based Practice, play in osteopathic practice and how can they be integrated?
  • If osteopathy is ‘evidence-based’, what counts as ‘evidence’ and how should it be applied in clinical practice?
  • What is competent, effective osteopathic healthcare? And what are the best ways of teaching it?

Confirmed key note speakers

Associate Professor Gary Fryer, PhD, BSc (Osteo), ND, Discipline Group Leader, Osteopathic Medicine, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. Why we need new models of osteopathic education (ie to support the integration of academic and clinical osteopathic approaches based on bps therapeutic mechanisms)

Simeon London, BSc (Hons) Osteopathy, Dean of Academic Development, British School of Osteopathy, The challenges and innovations of a new curriculum: Placing values at the heart of osteopathic education

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Tickets cost £135 per delegate and are available from Eventbrite.